Unfortunately, we live in a world that is literally crumbling from beneath our feet. We are losing our beloved Children and Teenagers daily, due to the strong influences’of the world. As a Certified Family Life Coach; and having been in the guidance and teaching fields for the past six years – I am poised to do something about.

I have created a unique program that will benefit the urgent needs of the youth and families of our community. With gratitude, I am proud and excited to restructure my business by launching a NEW 12 week 1-1 mentoring/coaching program for youth and/or their parents called “Shooting Stars”. Each and every human being has a unique light inside of them; Shooting Stars will give them the ability to see their light and bring hope!

Quotable Quotes:
“There is someone out there to help me put my life together” – Aaron
“I wish I had a life coach when I was a teenager!” – Chaim
“I have so many more friends now” – Joey
“I am so lucky to have you as my coach” – Adam
“I have a future… life is awesome” – Eli
“I know the secret to communication” – Leib
“Respect.. Respect.. Respect..the key to my success” – parent
“I would like to get more involved with coaching, it really gave me an uplifting experience” – Moshe

  • Creating a love for life
  • Helping children develop clarity
  • Helping children overcome troubled backgrounds
  • Problem solving due to negative influences in their lives (sarcasm, poverty, abuse, and bullying)
  • Social Skills
  • Self-esteem
  • Giving each and every child the opportunity to lead successful lives
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    If you respect me, I will hear you.
    If you listen to me, I will
    feel understood.
    If you understand me, I will feel appreciated.
    If you appreciate me, I will know
    your support.
    If you support me as I try new things,
    I will become responsible.
    When I am responsible,
    I will grow to be independent.
    In my independence,
    I will respect you and love you
    all of my life.
    Thank you,
    Your Teenager